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The use of wireless technologies in medicine is definitely on the upswing.
The advantage of wireless technology is twofold: it provides greater freedom of movement when operating medical devices,
and because fewer wires are used in clean rooms, it can also help lower costs associated with cleaning.

IEEE 11073 Development Kit fur Agent Devices

Software Development Kit for Windows. For more information see our
product page IEEE 11073.

Synchronizing Medical Devices

Within the framework of the KonMeVit research project, in which Stollmann participates, we have developed a Bluetooth extension permitting the synchronization of sensors with a precision of approximately 1.5 milliseconds.
Precise synchronization is necessary for determining the blood pressure based on the travel time of the pressure wave
in the circulatory system. Stollmann has presented this method to the Medical Working Group of the Bluetooth SIG
(an association of Bluetooth manufacturers) working on a standardized Bluetooth profile for medical devices.

Long-term ECG with data communications by mobile phone
Our customer contributed their expertise in medical data acquisition.
Stollmann contributed its Bluetooth stack and system integration. As the ECG data are processed on a separate CPU,
the upper layer stack was integrated on a Bluetooth chip. BlueMod+P25 with SPP firmware is used for this application.

Foot control for operating rooms
Stollmann has developed the Bluetooth interface for a medical foot control.
The application was integrated on the Bluetooth processor, no additional CPU is required. BlueMod+P25 with
SPP firmware is used for this application.

Remote Control for Medical Devices
Stollmann modules are used for remote control of a wide range of medical devices. BlueMod+P25 with
HID firmware is used for this application.


Health Device Profile
As one of the first companies worldwide, Stollmann has implemented the new health device profile of the Bluetooth SIG which standardizes the communication between medical devices via Bluetooth and renders it interoperable.
It can also be integrated in modules or medical devices.

A DevKit is available; it provides a basis for simple integration in medical devices. For more information see

On top of that, Stollmann can also provide the IEEE 11073 protocol which standardizes the exchange formats of medical
application data. Customers can order the development kit directly from Stollmann or Corscience.
All of these concepts are based on our portable Bluetooth higher layer stack. The continuous further development
always provides support for up-to-date functions and profiles.
Customer-specific expansions can easily be integrated into the system architecture.


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