S.I.P 1907
This last generation BLE module is deployed in 2 variants to support complex
or baseline applications requiring Bluetooth 5.1 standard for Long Range and Direction-Finding connectivity. At 8 x 8 x 1 mm, ISP1907 series provide huge
computing capability coupled with best-in class battery life, making this Bluetooth Low Energy / BLE module a ready to use solution for most of IOT applications.

Improve health outcomes and reduce costs
As the healthcare industry changes, there are new concerns about privacy and cost management. To achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy while protecting patient privacy and ensuring regulatory compliance, healthcare providers need real-time visibility into diagnostic data, patient records, inventory, health alerts, and more. Telit IoT healthcare solutions provides the right tools to help healthcare providers better allocate their time to patient care


DC-BUS Applications

using Power line communication
 SIG60 application fields


Bluetooth module

Wireless interconnect and audio interlligent hardware solutions.
Is the world`s leading wireless system solution provider with independent intellectual property rights.
Developing bluetooth protocol and related wireless solutions.

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